Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm all settled in! It was a long weekend of unpacking in 100 degree weather. Our place turned out really cute and we are very excited about it!
Dad and Mom stayed for the weekend! They helped me get unpacked and got to see Pullman! We toured the campus and got some new cougar gear. We made big trips to Costco, Wal Mart and Albertsons for everything I could ever possibly need.
Dad fixed everything up and made sure that nothing would blow up. He also installed an alarm system so that Ash and I could sleep safely upstairs! Mom and I took care of the decorating, we made it look like less of a dump! Thanks for everything Mommy and Daddy!!! I love you and miss you!

I will put pictures of our condo up in my next update!!!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like things went very well considering the hot weather. I bet your dad was dying. Can't wait to see pictures. Keep the updates coming.
Love you!
Aunt Stacy

J Yo said...

I can NOT believe we let a whole summer of you home fly by without a family GIRL'S NIGHT!!! Craziness...keep us posted (seriously) on when you're going to be back in town so we can get something on the calendar. :)

Have fun, girlie!

shawna said...

oh, memories of pullman. congrats!

so i'm coming over there for homecoming weekend and i BETTER see you!


Christy said...

Yeah seriously! What happened to girls night and how is summer OVER? I am sorry we didn't make that happen.
Looks like a fun weekend. I have great memories of my parents coming to get me settled every fall into my new room. FUN times. :)