Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just Bein' Awesome...

Yesterday Ash and I road tripped it up to Spokane. We needed a break from Pullman and we have been dying to go to Sonic!

Plus, I have had a Nordy gift card that I have been dying to spend!
So we had lunch at Sonic and It was AMAZING! Then we shopped the day away.
So much FUN!
And then we had Sonic for dinner! haha.

The drive home seemed like it took forever because I had major shoppers fatigue!
My night was topped off when I got home and

High School Musical 3 was in the mailbox from NetFlix!
(Iknow, I'm a dork!)

So today, I plan on doing homework allllll day! I want to get all my assignments done and start studying for this weeks exams so I won't have to CRAM at the end of the week!
(I will let you know if it actually happens : ) )

Oh and did I mention that I'm famous. okay not really but I consider this my
15 minutes of FAME!

Yes, thats my face takin' up a half page. haha It's kind of embarrassing. But, it's one of the opportunities that has come from my job!


Stacy K said...


Stacy K said...

Hey, Happy 21st Birthday. I meant to say it sooner. Love you!!!!!!