Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mass Update!

Sorry everyone! I'm sucha a bad blogger! I've been in Ellensburg for a month now and not one update... It kinda shows how exciting E-burg is!

This past month I have spent my time in class and at work : ( I leave for class in the morning at 7:40 and don't get home until 3:30! ugh it is awful! This quarter I am taking Math, Womens Studies, Computer Science and Communications. I like all of my classes, except Communications. I might like it, if I didn't have the most horrible professer in the entire world! However, I do enjoy quietly mocking her in the back of the classroom.

Work is going good. I get Fridays off now and it is amazing!

What is not amazing? The freezing cold weather here : ( I was not made for it.

What is amazing? My parents are coming to visit this weekend and I am very excited because I miss them almost as much as they miss me : )

I hope everyone is doing wonderful! and I will try to update this more often.


Anonymous said...

We are glad that you are back. We love and miss you.

Anonymous said...

Opp's that was from Aunt Stacy

shawna said...

yay, glad to hear you're alive! stick with that comm class, sister. it'll pay off, i promise!

Aunt Shelly said...

We will you, Alia. Let us know when you're coming home for a weekend and we can all get together for a girls night!