Monday, February 04, 2008


My boyfriend, Tom, suffered a tough loss at yesterdays game. So...I broke up with him. I just can't date a loser : )

Overall, it was a good Superbowl Sunday. There was chips, pizza, and lots of TV's. Not to mention crazy college boys that are way too into football. It makes for an entertaining event.

We're sad that New England Lost.
And look... I dyed my hair dark again.
Oh and Happy February everyone! I just want to throw out that my Birthday is coming up. It's a big one. I will no longer be a teenager anymore.


Anonymous said...

You look darling no matter what color your hair is. Love you,
Aunt Stacy

J Yo said...

Cute hair, Alia! :)

Aunt Shelly said...

Hhmm, who else do I know who reminds everyone weeks before that his birthday is coming up? Oh, ya!!! YOUR DAD!!!!

Love you. Come home for a visit soon (as soon as the snow lets up a bit!)

shawna said...

go giants! oh, and very cute hair. poor tom ;)