Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Have ADD

I have been doing homework for waaay too long. So I need a break.

My parents came to visit on Sunday! We've been trapped over here because Snoqualmie pass hates us, so it was really good to see them. They brought a bunch of stuff and took me and Adam grocery shopping. I can finally eat something besides cereal now! Thanks Mom and Dad : )

My Grandma had surgery today and it went really well. Yay! I hope the recovery goes even better : ) Although I'm guessing her Valentines Day won't be the best she's ever had. Hope Gramps got her something good!

Everyone have a good Valentines Day! I miss you!


J Yo said...

Updates, please!! I check your blog at least once a day hoping for life isn't all that exciting, so I live vicariously through exciting college girl, you!! :)

Chris/ty said...

I agree. I also check often in hopes of vicariously living through your life at college too. Although naps, baths and poopy diapers are fun ... yeah right. :)
We missed you last night! The "kid" table was really empty... sad.