Sunday, March 02, 2008

Go Cougs

For those that haven't heard... I'm transfering to WSU!!

Me and my roomate are going together in the fall. We went to Pullman today to find a place to live. I love it! We found a 2 bedroom condo just north of campus, so we are crossing our fingers that everything works out!

My camera is being repaired so I couldn't take any pictures. But picture me in some brand new WSU gear and you got it!

It was a good trip except for the speeding ticket! Apparently the cops in Othello consider 81 in a 65 speeding? I learned a very valuable lesson, that it actually takes forever to get to WSU when youre going to the speed limit! Sorry Mom and Dad! I will never speed again!!!

My New School!


Cougster said...

Welcome to WSU

check out

Anonymous said...

Shawna was there for a semester and so you will have to give her a call. She has some very good freinds that she still spends time with in Seattle. So you don't have your dad's card taped to your license like your cousin Christy in case of an accident? That worked for her. Be safe, my dear one.
Love you!
Aunt Stacy

J Yo said...

You mean dropping your dad's name doesn't get you out of a ticket in Othello?? :)