Wednesday, March 05, 2008

ugh Finals

Finals week is aproaching. I'm scrambling to get all of my homework done. I'm in the lab right now trying to make a computer program. A little advice, never take a computer science class. Luckily, Adam is on his was to help me. What a nice big bro. (Mom, i know you had something to do with that. Thank you!)

On a more exciting note, this quarter is almost over! yipeee! It is already heating up over here. Almost time to bust out my flip flops! I'm bringing home all of my winter coats because there is no need for them to take over my closet anymore.

I'm coming home tomorrow night through tuesday morning! I'm for sure going to the mall, getting a pedicure, and watching endless hours of onDemand. Oh yeah and I will be doing all of my communications homework that has accumulated over the quarter.

Family get together? I like the sound of that!


Anonymous said...

We would all love to see you while you're home!!

Love you, Aunt Shelly

J Yo said...

Yay!!! Be sure to call us so we can get together! We all missed you the other night! Good luck on your finals... :)

shawna said...

shoot, i'll be out of town so i'll miss you but ahve a nice vaca!